5 Safety Tips for Event Planning in Schools


Five Safety Tips for Event Planning in Schools

School events should be a time of fun, camaraderie and community. Unfortunately, when your school is hosting any type of event, the risk of safety issues becomes a great concern that can put your school in danger and take away from the experience. By taking a few steps to ensure that you’ve implemented safety precautions, your school’s event can be one that is memorable and fun for everyone.

Think basic

As you plan, you’ll need to consider everything that could go wrong during your event, how you can prepare for that possibility and how to respond if a situation arises

Manage the risks

Use clear, written contracts to outline duties and define responsibility. If your school is working with outside vendors, obtain certificates of insurance from these parties. If you serve alcohol during the event, be sure to transfer liability to an outside party, and limit the consumption of all alcoholic beverages through the use of tickets or a cash bar

Be wary of potential danger

Assess the property for areas that might pose slip and fall dangers, clear all walkways and clearly identify all exit routes. Children and the elderly are at the greatest risk, so keep them in mind as you inspect school grounds. You’ll also want to check all event equipment:

  • Chairs and tables: Inspect temporary or folding chairs or tables to ensure that they are sturdy and free of dangerous defects
  • Electrical: Keep electrical cords away from walkways or adequately mark with brightly colored warning tape. Protect any electrical equipment that is located outdoors from the weather
  • Outdoor tents: Once you install tents, have a professional inspect the stability of the structures before you use them. In addition, clearly mark and protect stakes and ropes
  • Secure your building: If your school is open or partially open to the public, secure appropriate supervision to ensure the public uses only designated parts of the building. Consider signage, locked doors or other means to restrict access to areas of the building that you do not wish to open

Plan for emergencies

Special events bring an increased flow of people, which can escalate the severity of an issue quickly. It’s important, therefore, to have a response plan that can be followed in case of severe weather, extreme situations and medical or fire emergencies. All volunteers and employees should be trained on response plans and be provided with emergency contact information. If your school’s event will likely impact local traffic or require an additional emergency response, work with the local authorities well in advance

Follow Up

Discuss and assess the things that went well during your event and identify things that may need improvement so that the necessary steps can be taken for the next event

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