Accident Insurance

At Beacon Insurance Agency, we have spent years specializing in meeting the various and unique needs of churches, nonprofit organizations, and private schools. We completely understand the scope of your function. That function includes the need to provide protective measures against unforeseen issues that might put you at risk during activities offered by your group.

We offer peace of mind of accident insurance policies to safeguard the groups and individuals involved in those activities. We know you need to mitigate the financial loss that might arise in the event of an accident. Depending on the needs of our clients, we offer “accident only” packages including group accident insurance and personal accident insurance. Also, we offer accident and sickness insurance to cover both unexpected health issues related to special events in addition to any accidents occurring during the course of these events and activities.

Accident Insurance Coverage

We commonly provide accident insurance coverage for the following events and activities:

  • Mission Trips
  • Amateur sports teams
  • Bible schools
  • Choir activities
  • Christian school events
  • Church or school-sponsored camps
  • Daycares
  • Marching bands
  • Pre-school activities
  • Special events including walk-a-thons
  • Trips
  • Volunteer programs
  • Youth groups

At Beacon, we are a trusted firm of experts dedicated to meeting the special needs of churches, nonprofits, and private schools. We help you to ensure you can safety minister to the communities you serve. In order to provide everything you need to carry out your mission, we offer a range of coverage options and packages, including church insurance, private school insurance, and nonprofit insurance tailored to the work you do.

We are more than an accident insurance company – we are an insurance company devoted to the service of those in service.

Making a difference in the world is no accident!

Call the experienced insurance agents at Beacon Insurance Agency to learn more about the accident insurance coverage we provide today!