Best Auto Safety Practices and Travel Kit Tips


Stay Schooled on Auto Safety and Travel Kits

School trips are a time for creating memories, strengthening relationships and forming new ones, gaining cultural insight, connecting with the community and – of course – learning. As fun, as they might be, however, not planning properly, can put your entire group at risk. When you’re going on an extended school trip and transporting a school group in 15 passenger vans or caravanning in vehicles and buses, a few factors are highly necessary to ensure auto safety and security during your time of travel. In order to cover for all eventualities, create a kit that includes:

· Accident report forms

· Communication devices such as mobile phones or two-way radio for use between vehicles

· Clean blankets

· Bottles of water

· Duct tape

· Emergency phone numbers for road-service organizations, school contacts, etc.

· Fire extinguishers

· First-aid kits

· Flashlights

· Batteries

· Food

· Sterile medical gloves

· Insurance information

· Jumper cables

· Up to date area maps

· Paper towels

· Toilet tissue

· Radios

· Rags

· Towels

At Beacon Insurance of Pace, Inc. we specialize providing for the insurance needs of churches and private Christian schools and have formed a strong partnership with GuideOne Insurance over the course of our two decades in service to our clients. This partnership has been extremely beneficial in providing us with the unique ability to offer access to invaluable safety resources that our clients need to keep their schools and their students safe from danger. Above all, our greatest mission is to illuminate our clients’ path to peace of mind and to empower them with the tools they need to stay safe wherever they are, and that safety is especially important on the road. Call Beacon Insurance Agency of Pace, Inc. to learn more about GuideOne and how we can help keep your school students traveling safely on the road!

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