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Streets Flooded From Storm photo

How to Prepare for Floods at Churches, Schools, & Nonprofits

All along the Gulf Coast, we live in an area constantly at the mercy of bad weather. From torrential rainstorms throughout the year to tropical storms and hurricanes during season. These storms can downpour a lot of rain, after which flooding becomes a serious issue for everyone.

Students International Travel photo

Student International Travel Planning & Checklist for 2023

Student international travel is a popular way to gain unique educational experiences. In this article we help you prepare your group for traveling overseas. It has been our experience that with the proper prep, info, and attitude, your trip will go a lot smoother.

Risk Management Team photo

Risk Management Plan for Churches, Private Schools & Nonprofits

One would believe religious organizations face less risks more common to secular businesses. After all, they’re ministries and servants of the community. But in reality, these groups can be more vulnerable to accidents and security issues.

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