Risk Management

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How to Prepare for Floods at Churches, Schools, & Nonprofits

All along the Gulf Coast, we live in an area constantly at the mercy of bad weather. From torrential rainstorms throughout the year to tropical storms and hurricanes during season. These storms can downpour a lot of rain, after which flooding becomes a serious issue for everyone.

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Student International Travel Planning & Checklist for 2023

Student international travel is a popular way to gain unique educational experiences. In this article we help you prepare your group for traveling overseas. It has been our experience that with the proper prep, info, and attitude, your trip will go a lot smoother.

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Risk Management Plan for Churches, Private Schools & Nonprofits

One would believe religious organizations face less risks more common to secular businesses. After all, they’re ministries and servants of the community. But in reality, these groups can be more vulnerable to accidents and security issues.

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Cybercrime Is Rising, Do You Need Cyber Security?

You may be thinking… Our organization does not need cyber security because it’s too small to be a target for hackers. But, did you know the majority of cyber attacks aim for small business organizations? The number of cyber attacks more than doubled in 2021 as a result of COVID and are still on the rise.

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How Safety Effects Large Passenger Van Insurance Cost

Passenger vans are attractive to churches, private schools and nonprofits because of their higher occupancy and efficiency than other vehicles. The ability to carry large groups of youth all while promoting fellowship is a real advantage. But large passenger van insurance costs are skyrocketing due to the safety of these vehicles.

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7 Steps To Stop Bullying in Our Schools and Churches

How to identify and stop bullying in our schools, churches and events. Together, we can prevent bullying. Bullying is a daily problem children face all over the world. In recent years, bullying has become more of an issue for our youth. Many times the severity is often underestimated until it’s too late.


Volunteer Safety through the SafeChurch Program

April is National Volunteer Month! Even though it looks different than in the past, volunteering is still alive and well. In your church, vetting and safety of volunteers is made easy with GuideOne Insurance’s Safe Church Program.   SafeChurch provides access to information: Over 100 risk management resources including fact sheets, checklists, sample policies and procedures …

Volunteer Safety through the SafeChurch Program Read More…

Highlights from Church Law and Tax Webinar on Church Child Abuse

According to Richard Hammar of Church Law and Tax, church sexual abuse is the #1 risk to churches today in terms of damages. In his recent webinar, “Child Abuse: Emerging Trends to the Biggest Legal Threat to Churches” it was clear that when it comes to church sexual abuse prevention, a sexual misconduct policy is …

Highlights from Church Law and Tax Webinar on Church Child Abuse Read More…

When is it Time for a Policy Review?

June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day, established as a day every year to pause and review your commercial insurance policy.  Every commercial insurance policy is reviewed at renewal time. But, when are some other times you will want us to provide a review of your organization’s property and general liability policies? Ask the following …

When is it Time for a Policy Review? Read More…

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