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Church insurance should be as unique as your church because it’s different in so many ways. From its location, to the size of its buildings, to the number of people who attend and more. Commercial insurance policies are not designed for today’s religious organizations. Churches need a church insurance package customized to fit their unique needs.
That’s where Beacon Insurance Agency shines! For over a decade, we’ve helped churches like yours with custom policies tailored to their specific needs. What’s more is we provide risk management assistance to help keep you out of the claims process.

Denominations we serve

  • Baptist Churches
  • Lutheran Churches
  • Methodist Churches
  • Non-denominational Christian Churches
  • Presbyterian Churches
  • and other churches…
With Beacon, you have the freedom to design your church insurance package so it works for you. We know how important it is to have the right protection so the church can continue its mission. Talk with a professional church insurance agent.
It’s very important to keep your congregation, staff and facility as safe as possible. Some may be skeptical of the need for a specialized insurance policy for their church. But, the benefits of these custom coverage plans are extremely useful. Unforeseen risks are a part of running any religious organization. But, planning ahead to cover it’s liabilities is the best way to safeguard your church and it’s mission.
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Beacon serves Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, and non-denominational Christian churches. Our church insurance packages provide the flexibility to build your plan. And, as always, we’re here to help the entire way. Our team can answer your questions and help find the right coverage for you.
Don’t leave the safety and protection of your church to chance. Partner with Beacon Insurance Agency and see the difference we can make for you.
Get your free, no-obligation consultation or contact us with general questions.

Build Your Church Insurance Package

A comprehensive church insurance package starts with General Liability and Property coverage. These serve as a solid foundation for the protection of your organization. Then, you can include coverage for your most important assets. There are many options available ranging from auto insurance to worker’s compensation.
For example, your church insurance package may need general liability, property, auto, and special events. Or, a different combination of coverages.

Church Insurance Packages

Choose from a combination of the following:
Covers the church if someone outside the church gets hurt or has their property damaged. This includes members, visitors, vendors, or people just walking by. More on General Liability Insurance
It takes a lot of work to make sure your church and its belongings look their best. We help you keep things safe from all kinds of disasters, whether caused by people or nature. More on Property Insurance
Coverage for the safety of those who attend your church when they are out in the public. Includes new and returning visitors as well. More on Accident Insurance
Vehicle coverage for the cars, trucks, vans, and buses used by the church staff. More on Automobile Insurance
Protection against losing money or possessions due to theft, burglary, or embezzlement. More on Crime Coverage
Coverage for information on or off the internet. This includes the intranet used in the church building and online websites. More on Cyber Liability Insurance
D&O insurance coverage helps protect the board from legal costs related to their work at the church. More about D&O Coverage
Coverage that helps protect against employee claims of harassment, negligence, or mismanagement. More about Employment Practices Liability Insurance
The right coverage to help when the unpredictable happens when traveling abroad. More about International Travel Insurance
Coverage for such actions that can ruin the reputation of an employee or a business. Not all rules are the same. See more about Sexual Misconduct and Molestation Insurance
Coverage to help protect against event risks not covered by regular business insurance. See more about Special Event Coverage
Coverage that gives an extra layer of protection beyond regular insurance policy limits. See more about Umbrella and Excess Liability Coverage
Coverage, required by the state, for an employee who gets injured on the job. More about Worker’s Compensation insurance
Already have coverage for your church? Let a professional church insurance agent review your policy and give suggestions. At Beacon, we have over 25 years experience in church coverages and offer this service at no charge. We may be able to save you money or increase your current coverage or both.
“We are devoted to serve those who serve others”
Terry Fortune – President
Beacon Insurance Agency
Do you need coverage customized for your church? Are you stuck in an insurance policy not designed for churches? We can help…

Why Beacon for Custom Church Insurance?

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  1. Beacon is the principal church insurance agency in Florida.
  2. We answer all of your questions about church policy coverages.
  3. Beacon helps to address the insurance risks unique to your church.
  4. We only work with churches, private schools and nonprofit organizations.
  5. Our church insurance packages offer flexibility to customize your coverage plan.
  6. Beacon helps every step of the way. We assist in finding affordable coverage options.
  7. We partner with national risk management companies for resources you need to avoid accidents.

Areas We Serve

Beacon Insurance Agency’s mission is to serve churches, schools, and nonprofits who serve their community. By providing help on risk management and insurance coverage, we are fulfilling our purpose. Let us help you fulfill your purpose by protecting your organization and the people you serve.

Beacon Insurance Agency service area map


  • Jacksonville
  • Orlando
  • Pace
  • Pensacola
  • Tallahassee
  • Tampa
  • and more…


  • Daphne
  • Fairhope
  • Foley
  • Gulf Shores
  • Mobile
  • and more…

FAQs on Church Insurance

What kind of insurance does a church need?

Every church is unique and every state has different coverage requirements. A church in Idaho would not need hurricane coverage. Yet, they may need coverage to repair their boiler in the face of a blizzard. Each church needs a custom insurance package based on what they do and how they do it.

How often should a church review their insurance coverages?

Churches should work ahead to review their policy before the next renewal. Make known to your agent any changes to your operations and any growth you experienced. Also, ask about new developments in the industry that may effect you and your church.

Does a church need to purchase separate insurance if opening a school?

Some programs allow you to add a school onto an existing church insurance program. Also included are thrift shops, meals on wheels, food banks, and outreach programs.

Have questions about church insurance not answered here? Contact Beacon Insurance Agency to get answers to you need today!

Speak With a Licensed Agent

Talk with a knowledgeable insurance agent about a package specific to your organization.

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Terry Fortune has been our agent for property insurance coverage for several years... He has the customer’s interest in mind and he continually works to aid the customer, both in improved coverage or reducing premium cost. I highly recommend his services to other churches and businesses who are considering insurance coverage.
Mackey K.
Chairman, Insurance Committee
Church in Crestview, Florida
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