Curbing Workers’ Comp Costs With Return to Work Programs

How Return to Work Programs Keep Workplaces Working

Workers’ Compensation is an issue that raises many questions in the minds of employees as well as employers. Business owners must address everything from the payment of benefits, to handling claims regularly within their business or organization, no matter how small that business might be. At Beacon Insurance Agency, one of our responsibilities in serving our clients is to offer them our guidance in the matter of Workers’ Compensation. That includes providing them with tips on how to curb Workers’ Compensation costs through the use of a Return to Work program.

Recovery Time That Recovers Costs

During the time of an employee’s injury, it is often assumed that they cannot complete any of their regular duties and therefore are not able to contribute to the workforce in any way. For that reason, they are often instructed by their employers to recuperate at home. Employers believe that they are mitigating costs by not paying a salary and benefits. Unfortunately, that is not the actual result of keeping these workers at home, as work is not being completed. Workers’ Compensation rates also rise as a result.

Profits of a Program

The length of time during which an injured employee is away from their normal job directly relates to the likelihood that they will never return to the job. The result of this is higher claim costs due to extended medical and lost wage payments. Creating a Return to Work program helps reduce the cost of a claim by establishing a set timeline of when the employee will return to work at full capacity as well as designing modified duty assignments to complete as they recover.

Return To Work Plans that Return Success

Naturally, the main goal of a Return to Work program is to return an injured worker to their original job as soon as possible. In some cases, this may mean placing them in a temporarily modified position or on a transitional assignment.

In our partnership with GuideOne Insurance, we at Beacon offer our clients exclusive access to resources that will help guide them along in establishing a Return to Work program that will benefit their own needs. The most essential elements of a successful Return to Work program include:

  • Policy statements about your own Return to Work program
  • Job descriptions which fully outline and communicate the duties and expectations of a job position
  • In-depth description of an injured employee’s regular job duties
  • Letters to the physician treating the injured worker
  • Return-to-Work status forms. The attending physician completes these forms and uses them to identify any work restrictions placed on the injured employee
  • Offer of Employment letters, which employers present to their employees once they are released for modified duty by their attending physician

We, at Beacon, have dedicated our focus as an insurance provider along the Gulf Coast to serving the needs of churches, Christian schools and nonprofit organizations. We know that injured employees are a concern that they should not take lightly, and so we encourage our clients to pursue knowledge on Workers’ Compensation and how to use the resources available to them.

Create a Return to Work program that will keep your workplace on track! Call the experienced agents at Beacon Insurance Agency to learn more about the insurance coverage and safety resources we offer today!

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