Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. What is cybersecurity? Also known as internet security or online security, it means to protect your organization’s digital information from hacks, attacks and identity theft.

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How safe is your church digital information?

Yes, these feel-good organizations are targets for such an evil crime.

Consequently, think about the routine information you collect through your website.

  • Personal information on:
    • employment applications
    • volunteer applications
    • current employees
    • current volunteers
    • congregants
    • camp or daycare registration forms, plus
  • Financial information on donors through your website or app

“Cyber criminals hope to use coronavirus-related anxiety to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals.”

Why are churches, schools and nonprofits victims of cyber crime?

In general, these organizations don’t:

  1. See themselves as a target
  2. Enforce frequent enough internet security measures
  3. Have a dedicated internet security team
  4. Suspect their staff, leaders, volunteers, congregants or vendors

Identity theft cases rose 300% during the pandemic according to the FBI.

Steps to protect against a cyber attack

According to GuideOne Insurance, the following steps protect your church, nonprofit or school against a cyber attack. For more resources, visit

  • Avoid using free wifi, especially if you work remotely.
  • Use multi-factor authentication.
  • Make passwords complex with a combination of upper case, lower case and special symbols.
  • Use extreme caution when sharing your account usernames and passwords. Know who has them.
  • Install all security updates when prompted by your device. 

What insurance covers internet safety?

Prevention is the best line of attack against attacks. A cyber attack means lost income and damage to the organization’s reputation. However, a cyber insurance policy will cover many common losses such as Data Restoration and Privacy Liability.

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