Hacking Attacks and How to Avoid Them

types of hacking

As much as we’d like to tell ourselves otherwise, none of us is impervious to the dangers of cyber hacking. Even despite our best efforts, it often takes a skilled hacker only a few minutes to obtain banking and identity information that places us at risk to all kinds of danger that compromise our finances and leave us facing extremely complicated circumstances. There are ways to avoid the risk, however, and we at Beacon Insurance encourage our clients in becoming familiar with the types of hacking attacks and how to avoid them. 

Everyone is a target, no matter how insignificant you consider yourself in the grand scheme of things. If you have money or personal information, you’re a target. For that reason, knowing the types of hacking attacks and how to avoid them becomes even more important to churches, nonprofits and Christian schools as they use various forms of electronic communication for the storage and transmission of financial and personal information for students, staff and congregants. 

Hacking Rings Demanding Ransom 

Interestingly enough, hackers are not always individuals seeking out credit card or banking information. They also include crime rings of various sizes as well as full nations, and they often even combine forces with a goal of executing major breaches. These breaches are often in the form of ransomware that locks down an entire computer system of a business until thousands of dollars in ransom are paid to the hackers. Hackers also make money selling their expertise to novices, making it an extremely lucrative enterprise in more than one way. 

Hacked Profiles 

Cybercriminals can cheaply and easily assemble “doxing reports,” which are like digital profiles of their intended mark. From online browsing habits to personal information, the hackers collect all the data by creating an email that appears to be completely legitimate. Clicking a link within the message infects your computer with malware that provides hackers with access to your personal information, leaving you completely vulnerable to identity theft. If you know the types of hacking attacks and how to avoid them, you’ll be more aware of even the slightest hint of anything that seems suspect in the initial email, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. 

Hactivist” Activity 

For churches, nonprofits and Christian schools especially, the existence of so-called “hacktivists” is extremely distressing, as this new group of activists target special interest groups and religious organizations whose views or goals oppose theirs. The average person or church may not generally think themselves at risk, but any member or past donor to such groups are at risk for hacking attacks. 

The damage done through hacking is shocking, as personal information opens the door to the creation of fake identities and the establishment of fraudulent bank accounts – all of which ruin credit ratings. For that reason, we stress the importance of knowing the types of hacking attacks and how to avoid them, and we at Beacon provide our clients with the tools and resources they need as well as cyber liability insurance coverage plans that safeguard them against the many dangers they face in their daily operations. From security breaches that compromise sensitive personal information to those that endanger the finances of everyone linked to our clients, the cyber liability insurance policies we offer are an extremely important defense to have in place. 

Protection from Hacking 

At Beacon Insurance Agency, our primary goal is providing for the specialized insurance needs of churches, Christian schools and nonprofit organizations throughout the Gulf Coast. The ministries we work with need expert advice for keeping their staff and congregations safe, so we encourage that our clients take advantage of our partnership with GuideOne Insurance and the exclusive access it provides to their invaluable safety resources. We work together in finding plans that meet their needs and protect their financial security and keep their service to the community strong. 

Do you know the types of hacking attacks and how to avoid them? Call Beacon Insurance Agency to learn more today! 

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