How to Address Unused Buildings During COVID-19

With churches operating at bare capacity during the virus, it’s a given that there are unused church buildings.

Follow the below steps to put your church in the best shape to return without a loss related to closed structures.

1. Turn off the water mains.
Prevent potential water leak damages by turning off the water to the unused buildings. Clients of GuideOne Insurance, our flagship carrier, can take advantage of the Roost Water Leak System, which sends alerts to your smartphone. 

2. Turn off electrical equipment, except for the a/c.
To prevent fires, turn off the electrical equipment to the unused buildings. Note: this does not include the air conditioner system. Leave this running to prevent mold and mildew growth. 

3. Secure the buildings.
Vacant buildings are vulnerable to vandalism, theft or worse. Remove any debris or extraneous materials from the surrounding area and lock up the unused structures. Ask nearby neighbors to report any suspicious activity.

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