International Travel Insurance

At Beacon Insurance Agency, we specialize in offering insurance policies to meet the unique needs of churches, nonprofit organizations, and private schools to protect them from the financial dangers that often arise throughout the course of conducting business. We understand that clients such as these often travel for mission work, and to ensure their safety, we offer International Travel Insurance products with broad international coverage for infrequent travel, including foreign coverage for mission trips and business operations.

During mission-related international travel, the risk of severe illness or suffering an injury is elevated due to a number of extenuating circumstances, which can place a financial burden on travelers. Travel Insurance, International Travel Health Insurance, and Medical Evacuation Insurance can reduce the cost of a medical emergency regardless of whether or not an individual has a domestic health insurance plan of their own. Such insurance policies can be purchased prior to a trip to provide insurance coverage in the event of illness or an injury that occurs during travel; and for any travelers with a chronic medical condition, coverage may be even more critical.

International Travel Coverage Options

During travel, it is crucial to have the protection of a foreign policy. At Beacon, we offer our clients coverage including:

  • Foreign Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance
  • Foreign Travel Accident and Medical Insurance
  • Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Kidnap, Ransom/Extortion Insurance

Travel Insurance

At Beacon, we understand our organizations need Travel Insurance. Importantly, it protects the financial investment you make in a trip, including lost baggage and trip cancellation. If you cancel a trip due to illness, you may incur some risk if you have no travel coverage. However, only certain policies provide coverage for medical expenses abroad. So it is important to know if you need additional travel health and medical evacuation insurance.

international travel insurance

Travel Health Insurance and Medical Evacuation Insurance

Travel Health Insurance and Medical Evacuation Insurance are short-term supplemental policies that cover health care costs incurred during travel. Generally, they are not expensive. You may purchase international health insurance for travel separately from medical evacuation insurance. Keep in mind that having only travel health insurance rather than supplementing it with medical evacuation insurance may not be enough if the quality of care covered abroad necessitates evacuation to receive proper medical attention. At Beacon, we evaluate the type of travel our clients plan, the destination, the duration, and the frequency. These factors help us determine what policies might best suit our clients’ needs so that their trips can be better protected from financial risk.

Foreign Liability Insurance

Foreign Liability Insurance covers risks that differ greatly from the ones that our clients face on domestically. When church teams, nonprofit organizations, and groups private schools travel to foreign countries, they will encounter countless laws, languages, and customs that are unfamiliar to them. This puts them at great risk for legal liability in addition to safety compromises. Foreign liability insurance provides critical protection from costly legal actions that may result from events that occur during foreign travel. Moreover, the experts at Beacon work closely with our clients to provide them with the coverage needed to accomplish their mission without fear of legal recourse.

At Beacon, we are a firm whose greatest goal is to serve the special needs of churches, nonprofits, and private schools.  We ensure their financial safety as they work to minister to communities both locally and internationally.

Make sure your organization can venture out into the world more confidently! Call the experienced agents at Beacon Insurance Agency to learn about our Insurance packages today!