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Insurance Designed for Private Schools and Religious Educational Institutions

As an educator, your job is to shape the community leaders and world changers of tomorrow. With that comes unique risks and exposures and you need protection.
Beacon is proud to offer customized insurance packages for private and religious education centers. We represent top tier insurance carriers with national and global ratings to provide you, our client, with the peace of mind that all your assets, especially your staff and students, are protected.
Our insurance packages are customized to fit your needs, with an abundance of options to protect all types of institutions from K-12 religious schools to adult education / college centers.
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It’s critical to keep your students, faculty, school facility, and materials safe. Some may question the need for insurance policies specifically geared toward private schools. However, the benefits of these coverage plans are invaluable. Unfortunately, unforeseen risks are a part of running educational institutions. Therefore, planning ahead to cover those liabilities is essential. We help ensure that your school is able to protect your assets and have the finances to provide defense in the event of a claim.
A comprehensive private school insurance policy begins with General Liability and Property coverages and builds from there to cover your most important assets. Beacon’s package policies provide the flexibility of customizing insurance programs specific to your school and its unique needs. Options can include property, general liability, crime, sexual misconduct, directors & officers’ liability, automobile, worker’s comp and more. Beacon’s expertise and relationships with national brokers specificly for school insurance will find the coverage you need.

Private School
Insurance Packages

Include the following:
(click on each for more info):
Protection for when the school is legally liable for bodily injury or property damage to someone outside the organization’s staff (including student, visitors, vendors, passerby, etc). More on General Liability Insurance
You take great pride in keeping your facilities and belongings looking their best. Let us help you protect your physical assets from man-made and natural disasters. More on Property Insurance
Protecting your students, employees and chaperones when your education beyond the classroom. More on Accident Insurance
Whether you need coverage for a sedan used by staff or have a fleet of vans and buses, a commercial auto policy is essential. More on Automobile Insurance
Just as it sounds, crime coverage is protection against loss of money or securities from theft, burglary or embezzlement. More on Crime Coverage
Online payment portals and digital information cards have become the standard for many schools, allowing families to connect with the school wherever they are. Do you store your employee information on the cloud? Are you protected if those websites become compromised? As you all begin to explore more sophisticated technology, training the minds of students to reach and learn from a global community, you need protection from cyber threats, data breaches and the implications they hold. More on Cyber Liability Insurance
Non profits run by a board of directors must not only protect the school, but the board members themselves. Directors and Officers (D&O) protects the board from litigation costs associated with their professional work related to the school. More about D&O Coverage
Employment Practices Liability is a valuable protection against employment related claims of harassment, negligence or mismanagement. More about Employment Practices Liability Insurance
International Travel is a wonderful educational tool, but can be expensive, stressful and require significant planning. It can also be unpredictable, and the right insurance can provide peace of mind. More about International Travel Insurance
Sexual Misconduct and Molestation claims can destroy the reputation of an employee or an organization if not handled properly and not all policies are created equal. See more about Sexual Misconduct and Molestation
We all love a special event that draws in the campus and the community! Some of these events bring a set of exposures that fall outside the scope of traditional business and Special Event Coverage will fill in the gaps. See more about Special Event Coverage
Umbrella and Excess Liability Insurance provide an extra measure of coverage over and above the standard insurance policy. See more about Umbrella and Excess Liability Coverage
Worker’s Compensation coverage is a required policy for all entities that have four or more employees in the State of Florida. Each state has their own requirements and breakdowns of coverage available and we at Beacon are here to help! More about Worker’s Compensation Insurance
Already have coverage for your private school? Let a professional school insurance agent review your policy and give suggestions. At Beacon, we have over 25 years experience in private school coverages and offer this service at no charge. We may be able to save you money or increase your current coverage or both.
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Do you need coverage customized for your nonprofit organization? Are you stuck in an insurance policy not designed for nonprofits? We can help…

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Beacon Insurance Agency’s mission is to serve churches, schools, and nonprofits who serve their community. By providing help on risk management and insurance coverage, we are fulfilling our purpose. Let us help you fulfill your purpose by protecting your organization and the people you serve.

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FAQs on Private School Insurance

What type of insurance does a private school need?

Every school is unique, and every state has different coverage requirements. A private school in Idaho would not need hurricane coverage. Yet, they would have an interest in coverage to repair their boiler in the face of a blizzard. Each school needs to have custom insurance coverage based on what they do and how they do it.

How often should a private school review their insurance policy coverages?

Schools should work ahead to review their coverages before the next renewal. Be sure to make known any changes to your operations and any growth you have experienced. You should also be aware of any changes in the industry that may effect you. If you have questions, ask your insurance agent for more information about your school’s insurance coverage.

Does a private school need to buy a separate policy if opened by a church?

Programs are available allowing a church to add a school or most nonprofit activities directly into their existing insurance program. This includes Private Schools, Thrift shops, Meals on Wheels, Food Banks and Outreach programs.

Have questions about private school insurance not answered here? Contact Beacon Insurance Agency to get answers to your questions today!

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