Important Security Tips for Your Growing Online Community

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Is Your Online Community Growing? Here Are Some Important Online Security Tips

Many churches are looking to bring their physical and online communities together. Building a strong online presence is a true church growth strategy with church apps, social media platforms and giving tools being just a few of the ways churches are getting it done. 

Here are some tips on church internet security for 2020 from industry experts.

Resource UMC instructs churches to start with these Four Ps, including “People”:

Because church people are some of the most naturally trusting, entrusting your cyber security to a designated set of staff is the most practical step. They will have a more discerning eye than others in the church because they have been trained to look between the lines. This team will be trained regularly, brought up to speed on any changes to your systems and it will be their job to roll that information out to the relevant parties. 

Enable Ministries gives 11 Tips for Staying Secure. For churches expanding their online community this one rule is key:

Implement strict password and mobile device protocols. No exceptions! Anyone and everyone privileged to the church database follows these rules strictly and consistently.

Read our blog on developing a Cyber Incidence Plan again. A written and closely followed Incidence Plan for your church will ensure certain steps are followed should a cyber incident occurs. In cyber attacks, every second counts to recovering precious data and uniform steps leave nothing to chance. 

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