Student International Travel Planning & Checklist for 2023

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Helping Prepare You and Your Students for Traveling Abroad

Student international travel is a popular way to gain unique educational experiences. Likewise, learning cultural practices abroad is an incredible opportunity for students. As a result, these exciting and educational trips often take learners of all ages all over the globe. In addition, with the rise of budget airlines, it is more affordable for students to explore the world around them.

In this article, we help you prepare your group for traveling overseas. Because, it has been our experience that with proper prep, info and attitude, your trip will go a lot smoother. Consequently, you will be able to focus on the expedition without worrying about insufficient planning. But, be cafeful not to let all your planning and safety precautions get in the way of the intent of the trip.

Advantages of Student International Travel

International travel provides students with a range of unique benefits through distinct encounters. Above all, overseas travel offers a rich experience like no internet search or video can. The stimulation of senses while learning with sounds and smells are better remembered. Also, lessons about different cultures and their practices help gain valuable life skills. For example, here are a couple ways this happens:

Cultures and Practices

By visiting different countries, students can better understand the world and its people. Firstly, they get to learn about different customs, languages and religions. And, in doing so, gain a unique appreciation for the diversity of our world. Secondly, it is the best way for students to broaden their horizons and think outside the box.

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In addition to the education, student international travel can be a great way to make new friends. Through travel, students meet new people and make connections that can last a lifetime.

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Valuable Life Skills

When traveling to different countries, students will learn how to navigate unfamiliar environments. This includes managing their finances and communicating with people from different cultures. As a result, students develop invaluable skills while becoming more independent and confident.

Preparing the Adults for Student Travel

As you prepare your students for exploring new horizons, be sure their safety is top priority. Also, with the welfare of everyone comes liability concerns your church or school may be facing. To cut down on risk, it is important to properly prepare not only the students, but also the adults. Therefore, create a risk management plan and provide them with travel training. Below are the most common points you need to review before your students travel:

Preparations for the Trip

  1. When will the orientation meetings be for the trip?
    First, be sure to cover your school policies and inform everyone of any safety or security issues. Discuss itinerary and time zones so everyone is on the same page. Also, be aware of the cultural practices at your destination(s) and do your best to honor them.
  2. What are the waiver requirements?
    Get signed releases from all your students as well as their parents or legal guardians. Also, be sure to disclose the details of all potential risks on this trip.
  3. Where will students stay during the course of travel?
    Arrange student accommodations with only full vetted locations for safety. Because many foreign locations do not follow U.S. building codes. Once arrived, request information about emergency evacuation plans and other safety measures. Then, be sure to inform all students and adults of these safety procedures.
  4. What are the ages and allergies of each student?
    Have a list of your students’ names and ages handy. You can also use this list for other details like allergies and info specific to each student. Also, keep in mind, younger students will need more adult supervision. In addition, older students will need clear information and proper instructions.

Safety During the Trip

  1. Is it safe to drink foreign water and eat foreign food?
    No! Don’t drink foreign water and some foreign foods can put travelers at risk. Water purity is often a serious issue abroad so drink only bottled or filtered water. Also, only using ice made from bottled or filtered water. In addition, certain foods even in restaurants may not always be safe to eat. This is because of the way it is cooked, processed or the food quality itself. So, show your group what to look for in choosing foods that are safe to eat. Moreover, make sure you know of any student and adult food allergies.
  2. Who will be responsible to take charge during an emergency?
    Create a clear emergency response plan that identifies the individual(s) in charge. Firstly, get their 24-hour contact information. Secondly,, make sure to provide all travelers with this essential information.
  3. Does the school have international student travel insurance?
    We recommend reviewing your insurance policy before you travel. Standard school liability insurance covers events within the U.S. or domestic lawsuits. However, these policies may not provide proper international travel coverage. Locating and obtaining proper health care overseas can be challenging. International travel policies usually provide valuable help when you need it. Also, depending on the location, consider a travel medical policy that includes medical evacuation.

As you identify potential issues, it is important to be thorough. You will be in unfamiliar territory so having details at hand will help a lot.

Checklist for Student Travel Preparations

The below checklist is to ensure all preliminary tasks get done. Check-off items you have completed to help you keep track of tasks that still need done.

Preparing for Student Travel Checklist

Student Travel Insurance

Despite your school’s best intentions, operational hazards still exist. Because, accidents happen no matter how much planning and preventative measures are in place. For this reason it’s a must to look into insurance specific to your school’s travel plans. This way, when something happens, protection will be in place.

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“One significant aspect of risk management includes ensuring that the organization has adequate insurance coverage for its significant risks. The evaluation of insurance coverage should include consultation with both legal counsel and highly experienced insurance agents.”

Beacon has customized insurance packages for churches and schools for over a decade. In doing so, we developed an awareness of how crucial it is to offer safety resources to our clients as well… As a result, we provide the learning tools needed to keep their church and/or school safe in a variety of situations. Also, our partner, GuideOne, has been instrumental in keeping relevant to the risks of today. Contact us so we can create an international travel insurance package specific to your organization.

Preparing the Students for International Travel

Preparing your students for traveling abroad can be exhausting. But, if thoroughly done now will save a ton of headaches and tears later. Below are general tips to start but each student will be different in what they require.

Checklist for Travel Documents

Below is a checklist to help prepare the travel documents for your trip. Certainly, some items can be replaced if forgotten or lost. However, be sure to make copies of original documents that can not be replaced.

Student Travel Document Checklist

IMPORTANT: Make sure to keep these documents in a carry-on and not in luggage. This will give you access to them if needed throughout the trip.

“You should carry all official documents in a personal bag or wallet that stays with you at all times. Do not pack travel documents in your checked bags. You will need to be able to access most of them during your trip.”

Checklist for Travel Essentials

Remind students there is no need to be stylish so focus on comfort over fashion when packing clothes. Also, be aware of the season and climate for the time you are there. Students can restock on most essential toiletries when abroad. But, medicines, good walking shoes and valuables can not be easily replaced.

Student Travel Document Checklist


We hope this article on student international travel helps you prepare. Because, traveling abroad is an adventure and some unexpected twists are bound to happen. But, with proper preparation you can be ready for just about anything. Remember to go with the flow and stay calm so you can be mentally prepared to solve problems. Now, get out there and enjoy your trip!

We strive to empower our clients with the peace of mind they need to go out in service to the world.
Because our mission at Beacon has always been to illuminate our clients’ path with risk safety and protection.

Beacon Insurance Agency serves churches, private schools and nonprofit organizations exclusively. We have built a great reputation by offeringspecialized coverages since 2009. Customized insurance policies to their needs as well as invaluable safety resources. In striving to provide great service, we offer both coverage and risk management guidance.

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