Terms of Use

The Use of Our Website

The information on our website only offers a brief description of insurance and is not an insurance contract.

Under no circumstance is Beacon Insurance Agency obligated to write insurance for the website visitor.

Coverage does not apply in all states.

Beacon is licensed to offer insurance in the following states:

Beacon Insurance Agency can not guarantee that insurance can be provided to your church, school, or nonprofit organization.

Simply requesting a consultation or contacting us does not guarantee insurance coverage can be offered.

Insurance coverage can only start with a licensed agent or staff member.

An insurance policy or coverage can not be finalized or altered by leaving a message, or relying on information on this website or through an e-mail, voicemail, or text message.

Information you provide on this website will not be shared with carriers or any other entity.


If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Use of this website please contact us.

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