Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Church, School & Nonprofit

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How to Help Prevent Costly Insurance Claims That Hinder Your Mission

Churches, schools and nonprofits are often more at risk due to their open and welcoming nature. From theft or vandalism to more serious issues like sexual misconduct or cyber crime. So, proactive measures are a must to ensure the safety of members, students and staff.

Faith-based events and houses of worship, such as churches, synagogues, and mosques, are inherently welcoming, with open access and publicly announced schedules for religious services and special events; however, this welcoming nature can pose risks.

In this article, we discuss the top 5 tips to protect your church, private school, or nonprofit. We also offer links to solutions that can help safeguard you from these potential risks. By knowing your options, you can create a safer and more secure environment for all those who enter your doors.

1. Get Everyone on the Same Page!

Select a risk management team from different departments of your organization. Each department has their own unique views of how the body should function. This allows them to see holes in the risk management plan that others may not notice. Review upcoming events, building projects, changes in the financials and other important matters.

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Your team should meet on a routine basis at least once or twice a month. The frequency depends on the size of your church, school or nonprofit and how many topics are at hand. For insightful tips, checklists and safety initiatives, visit our Risk Management page.

2. Lock Down Your Virtual Presence!

Cyber Security is an ever growing concern for all organizations around the world. Billions of dollars are lost every year to cyber crimes in the United States alone. A Cyber Incidence Response Plan should be a vital part of every business’ emergency kit. There are free measures you can take to tighten up holes in your network.

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Things like changing passwords periodically and checking for unusual devices on your Wi-Fi. Also, always double-check that link before clicking is essential. Check out the cyber security resources below to help protect your members and employees.

3. Transportation Is a Big Responsibility!

Does your church, school or nonprofit use a 10, 12 or 15 passenger van to transport people? While on the road, our number one goal should be to keep our people as safe as possible. Our Large Passenger Van Safety article is available to help drivers be more aware. It also includes a vehicle inspection checklist to help identify faulty equipment.

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There are other great Auto Safety Resources available too: Don’t Drive Distracted – AAA and NHTSA – 15 Passenger Vans available in both English and Spanish.

4. Accusations Can Be Expensive!

Sexual Misconduct, Directors & Officers and Employee Theft/Embezzlement are insurance coverages that no ministry wants to believe they need. Yet, even an accusation of impropriety can rack up devastating legal fees. Protection in the event of such allegations can make or break your mission’s future.

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If you’re on a GuideOne program with Beacon, then these coverages can be added for a relatively small premium. Doing so can save a church, school or nonprofit huge headaches in the long run.

5. Don’t Pay For More Than You Need!

Insurance premiums all over the nation are skyrocketing, especially here in Florida. If you do not have an agent that specializes in religious organizations, you may be missing out. This includes overpaying for coverages you need and paying for things you don’t.

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Overcome Rising Premiums by speaking to a church, private school or nonprofit specialist. One who can review your policies, ask the right questions and create a custom plan to fit your ministry.


Protecting your church, school or nonprofit is crucial for a safe environment. With the 5 tips covered in this article, you can help to ensure the well-being of your members, students and staff. Remember to regularly assess and update your security measures. Also, train your team on safety protocols and involve your staff in the protection process. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, take the necessary steps now to safeguard your organization and those who call it home.

Our goal at Beacon Insurance Agency is to help light the way to peace of mind.
We hope to empower our clients with the information they need to safely fulfill their mission to the world.

Beacon Insurance Agency provides risk management and insurance services to religious organizations. We have been in business in Florida and Alabama since 2009 and are growing each year. Our reputation is in offering customized packages to churches, private schools and nonprofits. We also provide important safety resources to help them stay protected. Beacon works with GuideOne, who gives us access to risk management advice and unique coverage options.

Contact us today to have us review your existing commercial property insurance policy.
We can also work with you to customize a plan that protects your ministry’s future.


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