Volunteer Safety through the SafeChurch Program


April is National Volunteer Month! Even though it looks different than in the past, volunteering is still alive and well. In your church, vetting and safety of volunteers is made easy with GuideOne Insurance’s Safe Church Program.  

SafeChurch provides access to information:

  • Over 100 risk management resources including fact sheets, checklists, sample policies and procedures and articles
  • Informative e-newsletters sent out regularly
  • Assessment tools that will provide customized reports on your church
  • Over 125 safety video files of useful photos and portrayals of potential risks as well as specific recommendations on ways to further protect your church
  • Online video training courses that are specifically designed for churches and can be accessed at any time by church leaders and volunteers
  • Exclusive member access to affordable background check services
  • The most secure online platform for the discussion of safety issues with others in your church community

SafeChurch is an exclusive benefit of being a member of GuideOne Insurance. As a provider for GuideOne, we at Beacon feel that we are offering our clients the very best coverage available, and that is at the very heart and soul of our mission and our calling. Beacon strives to be a guide to our clients and to light the way to their peace of mind, and each church we serve is one more light we hope to nurture in the community.

Call us today for more information: 850-994-7944.

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