What Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

umbrella insurance

Insurance is one of the most important things a business can have, as there are so many types of damage that have the potential of bringing about financial ruin on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, the same holds true even for churches, Christian schools and non-profit organizations; but over and above standard policies that protect the expected, they also need an Umbrella Insurance Policy that provides additional liability coverage against the damaging cost of claims.  

Insurance Against the Overage 

When a church is the target of a lawsuit, it places its assets at risk. The costs are often staggering, mounting to levels that exceed the standard insurance policies. However, if the cost of a claim surpasses the limitations of their primary insurance policies, their Umbrella Insurance Policy extends liability coverage, giving them an additional layer of insurance that further protects their assets. Unless they have an Umbrella Insurance Policy, the church could potentially face the payment of paying out-of-pocket for any medical expenses, legal fees and damages that exceed the coverage of their primary business insurance policy coverage. 

More Than General Coverage 

At Beacon Insurance, we work with churches, non-profit organizations and Christian schools in determining the amount of coverage they need for their Umbrella Insurance Policy and offer them our guidance so that they feel fully protected for every eventuality. We understand the unique challenges these business entities face, so we tailor every aspect of our work specifically to their needs. As a church insurance agency, we strongly feel the importance of having the right Umbrella Insurance Policy in place, as it helps protect them from dangers including: 

  • Slip-and-fall accidents involving parishioners, staff members, visitors and students. These accidents have the potential of incurring medical costs that exceed the limits of your general liability policy. 
  • Major lawsuits against the church for slander or liable with costs that exceed the coverage limitations of the primary liability insurance limits. 

Insuring the Assets 

The church’s vehicles, building and property as well as its operating checking and savings accounts and even future income are all considered assets. In the event that a church is sued for an amount of money that exceeds the limitations of their liability insurance or it does not have an Umbrella Insurance Policy that covers those costs, that lack of coverage endangers all of their assets. To safeguard against financial damages too great to recover, we at Beacon urge that all of our clients purchase an Umbrella Insurance Policy. Regardless of their size or their budgets, we work closely with them in finding Excess Liability insurance plans and Umbrella Insurance Policy options that meet their needs and protect them against additional costs that exceed their primary coverage. 

Protection for the Unexpected 

At Beacon Insurance Agency, our focus lies in providing for the specialized insurance needs of churches, Christian schools and nonprofit organizations across the Gulf Coast. The ministries we work with need expert advice for keeping their assets safe, so we encourage that our clients take advantage of our partnership with GuideOne Insurance and the exclusive access it provides to safety resources. We work together in finding plans that protect their financial security and enable them to better serve their community with peace of mind.  

Call Beacon Insurance Agency to learn more about the Umbrella Insurance Policy options we offer today! 

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