Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Churches

Churches often ask us “do we really need a workers comp policy?” Do all churches need worker’s compensation insurance? The short answer is yes.

Florida Law

Florida law doesn’t require workers comp on entities with less than 4 employees. The law does, however, require an employer of any size pay lost wages and medical bills for any work-related injury on or off work premises.

Most importantly, Florida law requires an employer of any size to pay lost wages and medical bills for employee injuries or illnesses that result from performing their job duties…on or off work premises.

Do all size churches need workers’ compensation insurance?

Churches conduct a variety of activities. With that, the risk of injury on-the-job is actually high. Mission trips, church lawn clean-up days, youth field trips. A busted knee alone costs thousands of dollars in medical bills. Churches without workers comp coverage incur those costs.

A Real-Life Scenario

The pastor of a small church is in a car accident on his way to visit a church member in the hospital. As a result, without a workers’ comp policy the church will have to pay the pastor’s lost wages and medical bills.

Workers comp for churches. Image credit @pixapay

Worker’s Comp FAQ

  • Is workers comp different for churches? 

No, the law treats churches like any other entity. That is to say, a church with 4 or more employees must have workers comp.

  • How does it work with independent contractors?

According to Church Law and Tax, independent contractors must be clearly defined. Read this article for more on this topic:

  • How much does a workers comp policy cost?

The State sets the rates for workers’ comp premiums. Florida plans a reduction in rates in 2021.

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