Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Many organizations do not understand workers’ compensation rules. Florida law requires churches and formal organizations with four or more employees to carry workers’ compensation coverage (WCC). At Beacon Insurance Agency, we encounter a vast number of clients who are unaware of this important fact. Often, they are under the misconception that their small number of employees exempts them from the need for workers’ compensation insurance. Also, they think they cannot afford the cost of WCC premiums.

It’s extremely important to all churches, nonprofit service organizations, and private schools to be fully informed about insurance coverage. If you have fewer than four employees, you still must cover any lost wages and medical bills if someone is injured performing work-related duties. This applies even if you are legally exempt from workers’ compensation coverage.

Another common misconception about workers’ compensation insurance coverage relates to pricing and premium amounts. In our specialization as a church insurance agency, we offer options tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Moreover, we offer policies in workers’ compensation for churches with an annual cost of less than $1,000. Importantly, premiums are based on payroll. For clients who have only one or two employees, the premiums are actually far more affordable than they may realize.

We are dedicated to our clients.  We provide church insurance for clients of all sizes all across the Gulf Coast. In fact, we offer something that many other carriers in Florida do not. We provide workers’ compensation insurance policies even for clients whose low payrolls result in lower premiums.

Types of Coverage

As a carrier of GuideOne, Beacon specializes in offering workers’ compensation for churches that provide employer liability coverage as well as coverage for medical expenses and lost wages.

It’s crucial to the future of your church to know whether you have adequate workers’ compensation insurance coverage. If one of your employees is injured performing their duties, you need coverage. The legal fees, medical costs, and lost wages that arise from workplace injuries could be too great for your church to pay. So, it is important to have financial protection to ensure you can safely serve your organization.

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Do You Have Coverage?

Community outreach and ministry put your church in a number of situations that are not standard for every type of business. Common circumstances that might require workers’ compensation insurance coverage include:

  • Involvement in an auto accident resulting in serious injury
  • Minor Injuries
  • Slip and Falls
  • Sprains and Fractures

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Specialized Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In our work with churches, nonprofit organizations, and private schools, the agents at Beacon understand the unique challenges that you face in accomplishing your missions and serving the community and work with our clients to find the solutions they need. The GuideOne workers’ compensation policies we offer provide coverage for:

  • Replacing wages for employees who are disabled by work-related injuries or illnesses. By law, replaced wages should be adequate, equitable, prompt, and certain. Further, injured workers are entitled to wage replacement for the period of time that they are totally or partially disabled. With wage replacement coverage, your church is financially prepared. Additionally, cash benefits are computed as a percentage of the worker’s wages.
  • Restoring disabled workers by paying for any medical/vocational rehabilitation deemed necessary in order to enable the employee’s return to productive employment? As an employer, you must provide medical care to workers at no cost to them. With workers’ compensation coverage, your church will have a financial provision in place to pay costs including:
    • First aid treatment
    • Physician services
    • Nursing care
    • Medical supplies
    • Prescription medications
    • Surgical care
    • Hospital services
    • Medical/vocational rehabilitation

Many ministers receive payment as independent contractors rather than as actual employees of the church. However, most state Workers’ Compensation bureaus do not consider members of the clergy as contract workers because of the unique relationship between the employer and employee. It’s extremely crucial to ensure that your church provides your minister with full workers’ compensation coverage from GuideOne Insurance.

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Frequently Asked Question

In the event of workplace injury, illness, or death, many questions arise that your church will need to answer.

Q: Does workers’ compensation insurance replace an employee’s severely health or disability insurance?
A: No. Workers’ compensation is solely for the coverage of workplace/work-related injuries or illness.

Q: Do workers’ compensation laws cover volunteer workers and minors?
A: Generally, policies do not cover volunteers because they are not employees. Minors, however, often receive coverage.  If minors work in violation of labor laws, there may be substantial penalties. Most often, WCC benefits double in these situations, and the employer is responsible for paying the additional amount.

Q: How do providers determine premiums?
A: WCC premiums are based on employee compensation and wages that are subject to various job classification rates, the most typical for church policies including classifications of church professional, teacher, clerical, and janitorial.

Q: How do providers determine wages?
A: Wages are based on payroll records and include such cash allowances as housing, reimbursed Social Security payments, education, and utilities. However, employer payments of pension, reimbursement for business expenses, health insurance coverage, or annuities are not included in wage calculations.

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